A Step Work Group Guide
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The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous describes how the authors recovered from alcoholism. Based exclusively on these guidelines, this workbook presents instructions for a group to work the Steps together in eighteen weeks. From the author of Writing the Big Book: The Creation of AA. Used in groups for 20 years.

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Big Book Companion

Guided Step Work including Worksheets

Use this guide to complete all twelve steps together as a group. Worksheets, discussion guides, homework and more.

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What People Have to Say

Passionate About Step Work

Bill C.,
Torrance, CA

For the past 35 years, I have been taking men through the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. A Step Work Book Group Guide: Big Book Format proved to be so much more useful and comprehensive than anything we had ever done before that we have adopted it as our regular format ever since. Conscientiously working the 12 Steps should be a profound experience. This workbook has proven to be an excellent tool for helping us generate that experience – over and over again.

Jay S.,
Sedona AZ

Watching someone change and grow spiritually is a joyful experience. I have had the privilege of working with many people one-on-one, but working the Steps together in a group has proven to be a multi-layered and deeply soul-bonding experience. And that is the great service this book provides. It allows people to go through the spiritual exercises offered in the Big Book together; providing them with a transformative experience despite the fact that no one person is leading them.

Marleen P.,
Boca Raton FL

With over 40 years in AA, I’ve utilized numerous tools created by participants in our life-saving, life-enhancing community. None has proven more enriching than this workbook. While remaining true to our founders’ principles, it offers members–old and new–the opportunity to deepen their program experience and knowledge in a small-group environment.

Paul G.,
Trenton ME

When I moved to Maine several years ago, I brought the Step Work Group Guide with me and almost immediately formed a group. That proved to be not only good for the group, it also allowed me to quickly build some strong relationships with local A.A. men who were really interested in working on their recovery. In the past 10 years, we have done several Step Work Groups up here.

Users Testimonials

I was 16 years sober and had worked the Steps all the way through at least ten times when we formed the first Step Work Group. That was 20 years ago and this Guide has turned out to be the most powerful experience in guiding me towards the revolutionary spiritual awakening that the founders speak about in the Big Book.

Stuart W.,
Fairfield CT

I have done the Steps a few times, and recently completed them again with a group of caring women using this Step Work Group Guide. The Guide helped us immensely in really getting at the issues and in understanding the solution. To be so open with others who are sharing their souls in a safe place is a tremendously healing experience.

Nancy D.,
Morro Bay CA

I recently had the opportunity to go through this Step Workbook with 6 other women. We were all surprised how deep the 18 weeks were and how we bonded in a way that was simply beautiful. We plan to stay in touch with a monthly meeting.  I am forever grateful to both Bill W. and Bill S.

Hilary M.,
Los Angeles CA

I am so glad I chose to participate in this group. Despite my 38 years of sobriety, I realized I had never really worked the Steps. I had read the books, gone to Step meetings, met with my sponsor, but I never worked them like this. What an amazing experience!

Ellen S.,
Fairfield CT

Key Features

A Companion to The Big Book

  • Instructions for group creation

  • Suggested reading before each meeting

  • Reflection / homework suggested before each meeting

  • Discussion guidance for each meeting

  • Homework and suggested reading after each meeting

  • Worksheets

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